It has been a very difficult and traumatizing two weeks. On October 16, 2021, Saturday — my mom and dad had a bike accident at Chovar while returning back home from Phraping (my Mamaghar) after putting Dashain tika. …

a beginning

Location: Home ❤, Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu is a home and I love everything about this city; messy urbanization, dusty roads, chiya junction, mo:mo, temples, congested public vehicles and many more. This city is full of stories and maybe journey will take me to some others dream destination as the life…

Photo by Cherry Laithang on Unsplash

YES, they are right
you can’t dream, with opened eyes
but why am i scared?
to live this life, with closed eyes

maybe, i am guilty
for making someone suffocate with ignored love
for making someone hypnotize with series of lies

and here comes that moment of my life
where i am forced to highlight the mistake i did, with open eyes

all i can write is the story to darkness
where i get cursed by someone, in the presented of god
all i can feel is the scary silence
which i desperately want to forget.

This is probably the 14th days of me staying at home; doing almost nothing, literally just procrastinating. I hate this feeling of being unproductive and currently on the verge of getting mentally broke. Desperately trying to get back to work because my work doesn’t need office space, it’s all remote…

Nikesh Balami

Interdisciplinary Stuffs - “Civic Entrepreneur, Open Data Advocate and Tech Researcher" /

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