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I remember the exact date, it’s October 17th, 2016 — A day when I landed into the AskNepal initiative while doing random online research; a day when I casually message one of the founders of Code for Nepal, Ravi Kumar, expressing my interest in leading and contributing. Looking back, it’s difficult for me to summarize the journey in words; almost 5 years went by within the blink of eyes.

When I started, I wanted to be focused on leading one initiative, which was AskNepal; but as time progressed I remember volunteering for so many interdisciplinary projects, programs and positions. Unfortunately…

Year 2020 in pictures

Reflecting on 2020 has been such an arduous task. I can categorize this year as one of the messy years full of procrastination with almost no growth. Life has been quite slow because of the ongoing COVID pandemic and personally I am very tired of listing the discussion revolving around going back to normal or new normal.

Despite ups & downs, life goes on; sometimes the heart gets frozen and scattered as we hear the news of friends losing their family members due to COVID; and sometimes with a heavy heart, we try enjoying the festivals. Surficially, you feel happy…

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[October 8, 2020] After 30+ days of doing exactly no work, it feels great to open a notebook and write all of these things out. I don’t exactly feel depressed and sad, but at the same time; this isn’t the actual myself.

Despite COVID, I have been traveling here and there around Kathmandu every weekend with my friend; discussing all kinds of world’s topics which I usually like, but still I don’t feel fresh and energetic. The pending work has started to get piled up, but the mind still can’t gather the same enthusiasm to restart the work.

And I…

This article was published at The Rising Nepal on 10 May, 2020.

Author: Sijal Pokharel (Environment Scientist) and Nikesh Balami (Data Science Aspirant)

THE whole world is pulverised by the shtick of a submicroscopic agent and has left us answered about what human beings have achieved so far. The effect of the COVID 19 pandemic is disproportionate all over the world, provided the world is indifferent in terms of its geographical location, its people, economy, and pace of development. It has been a difficult time in a country like Nepal, which hovers around its inefficient technology and unprepared human resources…

a beginning

Location: Home ❤, Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu is a home and I love everything about this city; messy urbanization, dusty roads, chiya junction, mo:mo, temples, congested public vehicles and many more. This city is full of stories and maybe journey will take me to some others dream destination as the life progress but I will always call Kathmandu a Home. Where the people whom I loved live and the things I admire exists. Every stories start from here …

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YES, they are right
you can’t dream, with opened eyes
but why am i scared?
to live this life, with closed eyes

maybe, i am guilty
for making someone suffocate with ignored love
for making someone hypnotize with series of lies

and here comes that moment of my life
where i am forced to highlight the mistake i did, with open eyes

all i can write is the story to darkness
where i get cursed by someone, in the presented of god
all i can feel is the scary silence
which i desperately want to forget.

This is probably the 14th days of me staying at home; doing almost nothing, literally just procrastinating. I hate this feeling of being unproductive and currently on the verge of getting mentally broke. Desperately trying to get back to work because my work doesn’t need office space, it’s all remote and I have been doing & managing it remotely for the past 5 years. But things aren’t working nowadays, but why? I question myself.

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This definitely doesn’t have to do anything with the home environment, because my home is pretty work-friendly. First, we are quite some distance far from the…

This article was published at The Kathmandu Post on March 29, 2020

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In Nepal, when we discuss the technology business and start-ups at any sort of public or private forum, the opinions of everyone pour forth — complaining about the lack of a government support mechanism and market sustainability. Nepal’s emerging tech markets have many things to be proven in terms of policy upgrade and reach. But in this generation of technology-based revolution, the chances of entrepreneurs getting frustrated by limited market growth is very high. …

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we met unintentionally
neither i remember, nor you
lost in those blurry memories

and here you are, in my every desire
filled with the imperfect ambitions
inspiring me; to lead the change
teaching me; to believe in myself

i see ‘life’ in you

but i fear to face tomorrow with you
your voice, my guilty-full past
yes; i am running to hide mistakes & broken promise

confessing truth will bring back hurting memories
full of bullying and egos — which you don’t like
creating distance & walking far
i want to get lost, i want to hurt only myself

one day; i will heal back
will respect the lesson of yesterday
i will forget your existence
will create distance to find myself

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casual talk, seamless flirt
above all;
distracted by anxious thought

untold stories, convinced mistake
deep down;
haunted by confessed love

blurry memories, panicked decision
above all;
the show must go on!

unanswered question, delayed apology
deep down;
regret to make you feel hurt

confused behaviour, skyrocketed dreams
above all;
realization, sorry and move on

Nikesh Balami

Interdisciplinary Stuffs - “Civic Entrepreneur, Open Data Advocate and Tech Researcher" /

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