The journey is getting complicated and the easy way forward is the give up

The last couple of months has been messy and to be very frank I never felt this way in the past; confused, lost, alone, and lazy. I am doing my regular work, traveling, meeting people and all; but I don’t feel the same enjoyment; deep inside my head something is running and it’s not getting disappeared despite my long hour sleep. So, recollecting myself has been difficult because life for me has been always so smooth and easy; with no lots of thinking involved. But I feel different these days, I feel my surroundings depressing with judging opinions, I feel my work is less impactful with more repetition drove by experts like that those in traditional approaches and less exploration.

I wanted this “recollecting myself” process to be natural, but this 2 months journey of getting mentally broke has already shown that this process is going to be slow until you forcefully act upon and living in this competitive world; getting slowed scare you more.

So, to ease this complicated journey, I decided to give up on some stuff and prioritize some:

  • Social media: Getting social media detoxed has been so so difficult; scrolling around platforms confused me more. Plan ahead is to decrease its use and prioritize; Facebook for fun and Twitter for professional use. Will stop using Instagram for a while although I will be updating my scribble account from time to time. No long entertainment videos on YouTube; Tiktok is good.
  • Screen time: Recently realize that opening the laptop and procrastinating for hours staring at the laptop screen doesn’t make any sense. So, will be decreasing the screen time and utilize it for reading more books and family. Better read something interesting and useful; rather than staring at the laptop screen.
  • Work responsibility: Work has been disappointing and unfortunately boring so expect Open Knowledge Nepal, I will be ending my journey with all other affiliations. Although, I will continue my voluntary contribution in a few of the projects I love. I was about to start a journey with Data Workshop Nepal but sad to say my josh to lead the organization ended before things officially get started.
  • Travel: Two years of lockdown has cooked me from inside, so traveling is something that I will be prioritizing. The plan is to travel and trek more frequently especially in the mountain region of Nepal. I promise, will travel like crazy.
  • Writing: Once upon a time, I used to write; but now I just procrastinate. Will break this and write more frequently. So, please expect; more things will be published in to form of an op-ed, book review, travel stories, scribble, feasibility study, analysis paper, blogs, rants, and more.

See you all on the other side :)




Interdisciplinary Stuffs - “Civic Entrepreneur, Open Data Advocate and Tech Researcher" /

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Nikesh Balami

Nikesh Balami

Interdisciplinary Stuffs - “Civic Entrepreneur, Open Data Advocate and Tech Researcher" /

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